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Kortfilm, dokumentär

Regi: Jakob Åsell & Anna X. Davies

Prod: University of California, Berkeley

Regissör, fotograf & klippare

The Bay Area Student Film Festival

"Jakobs’s second important work was made in an intermediate Documentary production class, and is even more ambitious and accomplished. La Campeona, (20 minutes), made in collaboration with classmate Anna Davies, explores a Mexican immigrant family in Oakland as the film follows seventeen year old Martha, the eldest of three daughters, who has taken up boxing with great determination, and dreams of going to the Olympics. Martha enters this male dominated world of boxing trying to prove to her father she can be as good as the son he never had. Set largely in a colorfully rough and tumble boxing gym in the Fruitvale section of Oakland--where women boxers are few and far between- the film explores the complex gender identities Martha occupies as an undefeated amateur boxer, normal teenage girl and daughter of rather traditional Mexican parents. Most movingly it is also a wonderfully sensitive portrait of the close relationship between father and daughter. La Campeona is beautifully photographed and dynamically edited and really shows Jakob’s storytelling ability. La Campeona was selected to represent UC Berkeley in the annual Bay Area student film showcase at the Pacific Film Archive."

- Jeffrey Skoller, MFA, PhD Associate Professor, Film Studies

University of California, Berkeley.


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